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Job Market Competition is Fierce! Tips for staying on top of your game

Did you know that job seekers spend an average of 11 hours a week searching for work? As a job seeker, if you are not putting in the time to seek employment, you’re giving your competition the advantage.

As an employer, did you know that if your hiring process operates at a snail’s pace, you’re missing out on top talent. Two-thirds of job seekers wait less than two weeks to hear back from an employer before giving up and focusing their attention elsewhere. They’re not sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed much change in the hiring process. Whether you’re a job seeker or employer, there are new norms and standards when trying to find a good fit. This article from Business News Daily is full of tips for job seekers and employers on staying one step ahead of your competition in today’s competitive job market.

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How’s Your After Lunch Ritual?

On a recent flight, I found myself flipping through the May issue of Experience Life magazine published by LifeTime Fitness. The usual quick and easy healthy recipes caught my eye, along with an article sharing tips for a wallet makeover, which basically recommends you get rid of your wallet and take everything digital. I closed my eyes to think hard on that recommendation, and when I opened them and turned the page, low and behold: the angels were singing, a ray of light parted the clouds and there it was, an oral hygiene kit just begging me to give it a whirl. The kit intrigued me, as my mouth has never experienced antibacterial binchotan charcoal brush bristles or beeswax floss and toothpaste that is SLS-free. A new kit is delivered every three months, and a percentage of my purchase is donated to  to help bring life-sustaining water to those in need? SOLD. After locating a coupon online, I placed my order. In a few days, my smiley BOKA box arrived. I was excited to experience first-hand these all-natural oral hygiene products. This kit found it’s home in my office and I now use it for the after-lunch ritual — brush, floss, rinse.

My review: the brush is soft and comfortable, paste tastes great and floss works like a charm (I have tight contacts). A welcome change-up to my after-lunch ritual with this product line.

“A happy mouth and a healthier you are only a brush, floss and a rinse away.” Well said, BOKA.
Interested in giving it a try? Check out the link below to order your BOKA kit and start your very own after lunch ‘all natural’ ritual!


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Are You Aware of Your Non-Verbal Cues?

Last week I met with a front office dental professional in the process of reworking her resume. She expressed a desire to move up in her career. While opportunities were before her in the past, she was passed over every time. She mentioned a recent experience where she applied for an officer manager position, which she thought for sure she would land. Her first interview went great. She was asked back for an interview lunch with the office staff, which followed by a week-long working interview. The potential employer praised her skills, and said they were spot on, but, the following week, the phone we all dread call came in. The employer selected another candidate for the position. Since then, she’s been racking her brain and trying to figure out why the other candidate was selected over her.

First things first here. I firmly believe that when a door closes, we should start looking toward the next open door. You can sit home and ponder all day long and ponder the whys and wherefores while breaking out the chips, dip, soda and throwing a pity party, crying on the phone to your BFF. But these actions are not going to get you on the road to achieving your goals. Over analysis causes paralysis, stopping you in your tracks and making you second guess yourself.

Don’t go there! It’s cliché, but so very true. Expect the “no.” Things happen for a reason. When you hear the “yes,” life’s that much sweeter. This simply was not the office for her.

We can’t change how people are going to judge us, but we can control how we present. Being aware of our own non-verbal cues will help us make a great impression, regardless of the biases of others.

Recently, I came across these two quick reads by Larry Kim, Founder and CTO of WordStream. I have to comment here, Larry Kim hit it out of the park with this one. Cleavage, cologne, and being overdressed or underdressed we see often, not only when we interview front office candidates, but clinical ones as well. It’s a turnoff from the start and tough to get past. We don’t hear a word you say past “hello,” and that could be the very reason you hear the “NO.” For more non-verbal tips and hints, you’ll want to read these links below.

Why dental assistants are so organized

Dental assistants know the importance of being prepared. They manage appointments scheduled, assist chair-side, calm scared patients and implement infection control procedure. An organized assistant handles all the tasks in a better way and keeps things running smoothly. Because of organized skills, the whole team relies on him or her to keep the tasks on schedule. The more organized the day, the more every member of the dental team can focus on his or her duties in the clinic.

A dental assistant has to see that appointments run efficiently and on time. When things run smoothly, people tend to get along better, which means less conflict between team members and less stress for the patient. His or her organized skill helps them get through any surprises and this, in turn, keeps overall stress down.

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Why dental assistants are so organized

The Important Habit of Just Starting

Many people have so many things they want to do to improve their lives, however, they do not know where to start. So they do not start at all. Instead, they procrastinate. People procrastinate even though we know it is just going to lead to the guilt of not starting. Many people would rather make excuses for not starting which, in the end, is more painful than just getting started.

In order to just get started, we need to get in the habit of doing so.

One is creating the right environment.  AND

Two, setting small goals for yourself on a daily basis no matter how small they may be.

You will find once you get started instead of procrastinating you feel much better about yourself which lead to a happier you.

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The Important Habit of Just Starting