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Looking For That First Day On The Job Feeling?

Do you remember your first day on the job? Getting ready in the morning with anticipation and eagerness, making an effort to look impeccable from head to toe, leaving home early to assure early arrival at the new office. Walking through the office doors with intention, a smile, and mind alert. Enthusiastic and eager to show them what you’ve got. Close your eyes for a moment and go back to that first day. How did you feel?

Are you the same now as you were then? If your answer is yes, fantastic!

If your answer is no, what has changed? Are you ready to get back to that first day feeling and once again be wholly invested in your career? Over the years, I’ve interviewed and coached thousands of dental professionals all in search of the same thing, that first day on the job feeling.

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Back on that first day, you were wholly invested and fully engaged. What does wholly invested mean? Being touched by something personally causes one to become wholly invested. You have to care about it, and you tend not to care about things you don’t understand, or in which you don’t have a vested interest.

If there is something you don’t understand, or you have questions about your job, schedule a meeting with your supervisor to gain knowledge and discuss. Communication with employer is key.

Invest in YOU. Continuing education is important to your career. Expand your skills. If there is a specific area of dentistry you really enjoy, learn more about it. Network and surround yourself with others who have the same interests.

Join local dental associations and study clubs related to your field of expertise. You never know what you will find. One meeting could lead you to a connection, leading you to the job of your dreams!

That first day feeling isn’t going to just tap you on the shoulder one day and say, “I’m back.” It’s easy to remain stagnant, unhappy, and unfulfilled, and it’s up to you to take the initiative and make the change.

 Kim Knapp, Owner, Dental Temps Professional Services




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