The 10 Skills Every Recruiter Should Have

The best recruiters and hiring managers have a skill set that enables them to hire the best person for the job. These skills can be inherent or learned over time but should be utilized in the hiring process. This ten most important skills are discussed here. It should be reviewed with your hiring manager or recruitment team to make sure that they are being used when interviewing potential candidates. This way, you hire the right person the right way.

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How Learning & Development Can Boost Your Hiring Success Rate

Hiring a new employee is not easy and as a hiring manager, you want to make sure you get the best candidate. This saves you from wasting time and money. So how to you go about doing this? To get the best candidates, you have to start with the employees leaving your company first, that exit interview could give you crucial feedback. Then, decide what you can offer new recruits, including learning and development incentives. You want to hire the best employees you can, thus article will show you how.

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Off the Record? Workplace Perils of Video Recording and Social Media

For those who have no understanding of the subject, this is how it works: users write a ‘profile’ in which they include personal details about themselves, and perhaps add some photographs and news about what they are currently doing or have been doing. There are restrictions designed to reserve certain information for contacts who are invited to be ‘friends’, but Helen’s research shows these to be far from foolproof. ‘People put information on these sites and they think no one can see it unless they have given permission, but that’s not strictly true. People can get into it – and do. And that’s where it starts to be more problematic. It is even being used as a recruitment tool. Some employers will do a Facebook search to see what a potential employee might be up to. But there are huge implications there, such as how do you know it’s true?’


Want To Have A Successful Career? You Can Learn A Lot From Surfers

To enjoy that few seconds of a perfect wave, surfers have to go through amazing amounts of preparation and patience. It’s a metaphor that can translate into any modern business practices. You have to put in a lot of work to achieve the golden opportunity and accept any stumbles, or wipe outs, along the way. Being unprepared, you can’t expect to just dive into your work and come out on top and like surfers, enjoy your own success without comparing it to others.

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10 Eyebrow-Raising Things Hiring Managers Say (and How to Respond)

Sometimes hiring managers are not the best at their jobs, often they will make decisions or statements during the hiring process that are nonsensical and can lead to the wrong candidate being hired. If you are in a situation where your hiring manager is about to make a mistake based on his or her hiring philosophies, here are the responses you should have ready. This way, you can ensure bad hiring practices don’t sink your business.

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